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The Pageant | A Play by 3Gems Productions

The Pageant

The Pageant asks us to imagine a future where we save the earth – where everyone finally agrees to make change and it happens, a future where environmental justice wins, despite (or in spite of) “unicorn tears.”

  • Written by

    Paula Cizmar

  • Directed by

    Diana Wyenn

  • Produced by

    Christopher Sepulveda and Sandy Bainum

  • Starring

    Sandy Bainum, Jodi Dennithorne, Natasha Ofili, Sharon Omi

About Us

We are committed to creating mission-driven work by and about women and other under-represented classes on both the stage and screen.

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Be A Good Little Widow

Elaine Mura | Splash Magazines

"Kudos to the ladies in the production – Adrienne Visnic and Sandy Bainum – who do a splendid and heart-felt job of walking through the minefield that is death, pain, mourning, and adjustment."

Be A Good Little Widow

Iris Mann | Stage Raw

"The most impressive work is done by Bainum, who has admirable stage presence. She manages to lend believability to her character’s unbelievable transition from patronizing bitchiness to aching vulnerability."

Be A Good Little Widow

Steven Stanley | Stage Scene LA WOW!

"Musical theater triple-threat Bainum does stunning dramatic work too as a grieving mother who finds herself now utterly alone, even as she continues her by-the-rules mourning of Craig’s long-deceased dad."

Be A Good Little Widow

Carol Kaufman Segal | Speaking of the Arts

"Be A Good Little Widow is a play filled with emotion, and the entire cast deserves acclaim for their outstanding portrayals."