June 15, 2023


"A concerned parent, whose son is in danger of failing one of his classes, schedules a conference with Celeste Dawkins, her son's high school science teacher. When accused of not honoring the state and federal-mandated modifications required for her son's different learning style, Dawkins loses her cool in an explosive tirade, provoking a high-stakes lawsuit

  • Written by:

    Greg Burdick

  • Directed by:

    Brandon & Garrett Baer

  • Starring:

    Sandy Bainum, Sufe Bradshaw, Jacob Cherry, Sol Crespo, Laura Niemi and Massi Pregoni

  • Produced by:

    Christopher Sepulveda and 3Gems Productions

  • Production Credits:

    Scenic Design by Stephen Gifford, Lighting Design by Gavan Wyrick, Projection Design by David Murakami, Sound Design by Cricket S. Myers. Costume Design by Marly Hall, Props by Zoë Carr. Alexandra Ornes is Assistant Director.
    Photos by Matthew Brian Denman.