April 15, 2022


"In 1949 Detroit, a former chorus girl-turned-socialite hires a twice-divorced former cop to investigate the mysterious disappearance of her husband. A neo-noir film version of the original video short of the same title Private (2020)."

  • Written by:

    Steve Blackwood

  • Directed by:

    Steve Blackwood

  • Starring:

    Sandy Bainum … Sally Danforth
    Steve Blackwood … Jim Calloway

  • Produced by:

    Steve Blackwood Productions

  • Production Credits:

    Sandy Bainum … Associate Producer
    Steve Blackwood … Producer
    Kenneth C. DeMarco … Associate Producer
    Elaine Victoria Grey … Associate Producer
    Michael David Kehoe … Producer
    Devi Morgan … Co-executive Producer
    Joan Punt … Producer
    Scott A. Smith … Producer
    Bob Tourangeau … Co-executive Producer
    Charlie Barnett … (Original Music Composed by)
    Jeffrey Buchbinder Cinematographer, Editor